March 03, 2021

Minimalist vs. Maximalist: Finding Which Interior Design Suits Your Luxury Home

Highly modern and aesthetic, these may be the words you want to hear when someone describes your luxury home. When living in a world-class city township like Alabang West, who wouldn’t want a modern enclave? Think geometric shapes and clean lines; no more ornate columns or arched windows. Once you go inside, you’ll want the interior to be more pleasing to keep the “wow factor” on a high level.

In the modern world of interior design, you’ll find the opposing sides: minimalist and maximalist. Deciding which team you’re on will dictate the final look of your luxury home. If you’re unsure, here’s what you need to know about these home styles. 

What is the Minimalist Style?

From its root word, minimal, you probably already know that this design is grounded in the concept, “less is more.” This kind of style creates elegance and opulence through simplicity. Practically, minimalism works best for houses with limited spaces, such as condo units or townhomes. Since minimalism also uses timeless elements, like whitespace, light, and beautiful materials, it’s an increasingly popular foundation of luxury home styles today.  

What Does a Minimalist Luxury Home Look Like? 

Minimalist houses are known for their clean and light-filled spaces. The use of neutral colors, such as whites, grays, and beiges, is also fundamental to this design. When combined with simple wall finishes and uncluttered spaces, it creates a home with a calming and mesmerizing appearance. Needless to say, when building a luxury house, having floor-to-ceiling glass windows is ideal as they make the home cozy and warm. 

At the same time, glass structures make excellent material if building a house in a scenic township like Alabang West. Depending on the glass windows’ position, you can get unobstructed views of the township’s greenery.

What is the Maximalist Style?

If you’re all about having a home that’s graphic and bold, the maximalist style is for you. Since maximalism is the polar opposite of minimalism, it’s easy to think that the former encourages overstuffing your home. In truth, this concept promotes loud patterns and repetition, so the overall look remains organized and balanced in a jaw-dropping way. 

What Does a Maximalist Luxury Home Look Like?

Besides the repetitive patterns, a maximalist design allows well-off homeowners to showcase their personality by displaying unique or sentimental statement pieces. This is where the art of layering comes in. A room, for instance, can have layers of texture and meaning by combining rugs, wallpapers, and paintings that tell a story of you or your home. As such, there are no two maximalist homes alike. A maximalist house should capture your unique personality, inspired by all the things you love. 

Maximalism is the choice of many for a home that’s full of character. This style is also appealing to those building their houses from scratch within a luxe residential community like Alabang West. A raw piece of land in this township is the perfect blank canvas for customization with almost no constraints.

Minimalism and maximalism are both visually appealing in their own way. In the end, finding the right style depends on your personality and preferences. Whichever you choose, the ultimate goal is to create a living space where you can truly feel at home.


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