March 03, 2021

Smart Devices to Make Your Future Luxury Home Pandemic-Proof

In the era of COVID-19, the look of luxury homes are about to change. Elegant houses, similar to those you’ll find at Alabang West, will never go out of style. But to make them safer and healthier, there are certain home technologies that you need and these are smart home devices.

Clocks, cameras, doorbells, speakers, and other home devices can now be connected to a network, allowing you to control everything remotely. If compatible with each other, these smart devices can share usage data and automate actions based on your preferences. This means contactless control at home, which is vital to keep you and your family safe at the age of a pandemic. To create a pandemic-proof living space, here are some of the devices you’ll need:

Smart Door Lock

A smart door lock comes with its own app that you can install on your smartphone. At the same time, you need to pair your phone and smart door lock via Bluetooth to use its full potential. Once installed and paired, you can unlock your door without a key. You can open and close the door by making a voice command or tapping a control in the app. This way, you’ll lessen the number of people touching the doorknob and spreading germs on other high-touch surfaces.

Smart Thermostat 

When living in an upscale, nature-rich village like Alabang West, the air is naturally cooler because of the lush greens. If you want to adjust your home's temperature settings hands-free, you can do so with a smart thermostat.

The “smartest” Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat out there has programmable thermostat settings. Depending on the weather conditions or the number of people at home, the Wi-Fi thermostat can adjust the temperature accordingly. 

Smart Plug 

If you have precious wired appliances that you want to bring to your future home, you can make them “smart” using a Wi-Fi-enabled plug. This device is a small adaptor that goes into a regular outlet. Any small device that’s plugged into the smart plug adaptor can be controlled via smartphone. Use it to turn on and off a table lamp or control your coffee maker.

Smart Lights

Smart lighting is among the most common features of an automated smart home. It can be controlled using a mobile app or a voice command. Meanwhile, condition-based smart lights can make adjustments depending on the daylight availability or home occupancy. 

Setting up routines with your smart lights is also possible. For instance, when you announce “dinner time,” the dining area's smart lighting will automatically turn on and dim the others. Smart lights, especially motion-sensing lights, can be used outdoors and are helpful to heighten the security within the premises. Although if you live in a secure, exclusive village like Alabang West, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter safety issues because of the community’s top-level security systems and roving guards 24/7. But then again, it’s wiser to be extra cautious with smart home devices.

For some, using these devices is just a way to keep up with the latest technology. But with the pandemic, these technologies will keep you safe while running your future home efficiently. 


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